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May 22 2018

When your wake up living in Minecraft #packing #movingtobrighton
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May 21 2018

From yesterday’s walk around the neighbourhood #archway #suicidebridge shame somewhere which such a stunning view has such dramatic connotations
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Another great coffee spot that will be missed when I move @crickscorner #movingtobrighton
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May 20 2018

Seems to be only one thing happening in the world this weekend #royalwedding
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Going to miss morning walks in #highgate
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Sunday Morning breakfast at @gailsbakery in #highgate
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May 19 2018

This flat had a really good spice rack. Now to pack it, move it and restock it. #movingtobrighton #spiceupyourlife
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One of the best days ever fishing in Cork with @tomtraviskeogh (plus @kee_oh and @d_girl77)
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Taking a rest from the packing #movingtobrighton
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May 18 2018

This weekend’s soundtrack #courtneybarnett @courtneymelba
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Apparently Dog Beer is a thing. Or at least in Crouch End it is.
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So helpful #movingtobrighton
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Never move home without my collection of Calvin and Hobbes books. Have done a lot of decluttering in the last few years but these are staying with me forever. Pure joy #calvinandhobbes #billwaterson #bookstagram
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May 16 2018

Best pub in N19 @stjohnstavern
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Always backup!
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Good to be back in the old @mtvuk atrium!
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Going to miss my favourite local pub @stjohnstavern once I move. I hear here are a few pubs in Brighton and Hove though ;-)
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May 15 2018

Favourite North London breakfast spot. Going to miss this place when I move #bearandwolf #tufnellpark
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May 14 2018

This one :kissing_heart:
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