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November 18 2017

Saturday Vibes
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November 17 2017

@beckysmeckysmoo cooked @ryan_james_91 and me an amazing veggie Indian feast. Yum! #indianfood #vegetarianfood #veggie
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Foggy shot from the other morning...
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My phone notifications are so needy and pious
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#Repost @austinkleon
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Christmas coming to Columbia Rd
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Best pizza
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Man’s Not Hot! @michaeldapaah_
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Still one of the best coffees in London @allpressespresso
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November 15 2017

Yum. Harissa Cakes and Poachee Egg @grindlondon
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Best book I’ve read in a long time. It floored me. #iamiamiam #maggieofarrell @tinder_press
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November 14 2017

New London Vistas
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One of my favourite London places
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Canal side today
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November 13 2017

Moving stuff for the decorators
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That Cat Face!
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Coffee Break
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November 12 2017

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Under The Bridge #streetart #streetartlondon
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