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January 31 2019

London lines
via Instagram bit.ly/2G31maK
South London innit
via Instagram bit.ly/2FYdA4l
Frost and chemtrails near Gatwick,
via Instagram bit.ly/2GiropZ

January 30 2019

I haven't read a @stephenking book for years and just finished this. He's still the best storyteller and this was a great page turner from beginning to end. Am trying to read more fiction in 2019 and this got things off to a great start #nowreading #steph
via Instagram bit.ly/2WDxl6y
Deluded #brexit (good to see the Argus and the Star doing their own unique thing)
via Instagram bit.ly/2HEfhpb

January 29 2019

What a place to live and what a photo #Repost @timon.hensel (@get_repost) ・・・ {#brighton #sussex #visitbrighton #brightonanhove #hoveactually #brightonlife #ilovebrighton #kemptown #thisisbrighton #igersbrighton #brighton_ig #tourtheplanet #ukshots #drone
via Instagram bit.ly/2RV5os1
Accidently took these photos of my own legs. Kinda cool
via Instagram bit.ly/2D2BwzV

January 28 2019

Another from this afternoon. Beautiful light this time of year.
via Instagram bit.ly/2DF1evu
Been off the booze since New Year's Day. Going to push though to my birthday in March and see how it goes. Have done 7-8 months off before and I always appreciate the health benefits, clarity of thinking and financial savings a while on the wagon brings.
via Instagram bit.ly/2RZcqw8
Brighton Pubs: The World's End
via Instagram bit.ly/2CQEUh7
Brilliant #brighton #streetart
via Instagram bit.ly/2FSWjcN
Lovely light this time of day
via Instagram bit.ly/2G3UMjA
Another from yesterday's walk
via Instagram bit.ly/2Rn2t6u

January 27 2019

2 days on and looking good already
via Instagram bit.ly/2RUxbZM
#brighton from the train
via Instagram bit.ly/2S991d7
Bloody gorgeous
via Instagram bit.ly/2B5lJjE
Bracing clifftop walk with bae
via Instagram bit.ly/2TgHKD5
Walked up some cliffs
via Instagram bit.ly/2MC7CGT

January 26 2019

Meggy Megster
via Instagram bit.ly/2Rk8jpf
Weekend innit
via Instagram bit.ly/2Rl7i08
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